Fucking Horrible Day....

? manman that sucks!!!!!! I broke my old Blog!!!!! So this is my new one?. Looks same as the old one does it??? Fuck it?. I?m really depressed!!! Because IT doesn?t speak with me -.- I think I?m on ITS nerves? I?m really sorry!!!! Man I know why I avoid falling in love.. it just leads to pain? I?m soooo depressed?. But I hope the day will get better?. Because I?m going in the city with Sarah and Marc (he?s going to the Eifel on Monday? to be a soldier?dunno why?sad story, because I?m getting unmobile then and even more sad for Sarah, because she?s running out of a boyfriend) and we will have some fun I hope because the stores are open till midnight and there will be some other attractions?.though Kalina and Matze will join us I think...and if it turns out not to be funny there I still have the opportunity to go to the Irish pup and get drunken!!! Wellwell wish you all a nice fucking day and keep on rockin !!!!!
2.7.05 17:42

I'm bored

Yesterday in the city it wasn?t all that interesting? but first of all Isa joined us!!!!!! 8th world wonder!!!! (sorry dear) ^^ that was a good thing, because she knew how thinks in subway were going XD without her we have had to leave there hungry XD (stupid us) but he show on the city-hall square wasn?t all that interesting? there were some people who where hanging on some sort of pedestal and making music? though it reminds me of Malice Mizer a little? but much more boring ^^ and there were so many people in the city!!! I never thought that there are so many people living in Bielefeld XD though there is a building site in the old part of the town?(we are getting a new pavement with stones from china?) though I decided to by me a dress from the Middle Ages with Alini and we will ?style? to the Sparrenbung-festival together (yea us) though they are not all that expensive^^ another good thing is that I have the new Dir en Grey Album Weeee the are so fantastic!!! I think I have to add them to my music side XD (sorry I forgot you guys-.-) I recognized that IT listens to the same music as Arthur does *hihi* little scary I think XD though some songs of the new album are not that bad but it?s not my kind of music? I don?t really like when people are screaming all the time. Hmmm donno what to tell you XD so see you on Monday? and keep on rockin? !!!!!
3.7.05 15:45


I don?t know which dress I should buy for the Sparrenbung-festival!!! I have the choice between this one or this one or this one or maybe this one or last but not least this one. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.7.05 20:44

Ordinary Days In An Ordinary Life

I bought a dress!!!!! I bought this dress!! I hope it will be ready soon so that I can wear it at the Sparrengurg-Festival. Alini bought this dress so we can ?style? to the Sparrenburg toghrther *chihi* that will be funny I hope!!! Yesterday I was at the ?HEStival? it was really good. It?s a ?Sch?lerband-Festival? at our school^^ there played Krusty Crew, The Getawaydrivers, Distance In Embrace, Mr. Anderson, Yell Of Rage, Fade Away, Psychosonic and Vulgaer . Vulgaer are some ?Pseudos? from the 10th grade who think they are really cool? yeayea? they made themselves ugly haircuts to look cool. One had 30cm log Spikes on his heat another had an Iro which was red and had a fold? and one had his hairs dyed his hair some sort of orange-redish? but Fade Away were really good though I think Krischan shouldn?t sing XD he should leave it to Frido. And I recognized that the Jukebox is and jerk!!! Manmanman?
An today was ?Zeugnissausgabe?!!!! I have an average of 2.72? not that bad but not that good either -.- wellwell you can?t have everything. Thought there a like 20 people who are coming to us form the 12th grade?. That?s a lot and most of them are idiots!!! A good thing is that Alini will live at moi the second week of the holidays!!! That?s a very good thing I suppose XD I hope that will work!!! Nice day and keep on rockin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.7.05 13:38

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Hmmmm if this would work?. But is sure doesn?t. Wellwell but it wasn?t all that bad today!! I bought 4 cactuses and 4 Living Stones!!! And now I have 6 cactuses and 4 Living Stones on my windowsill weeee! Some other good thing is that I have the 1st ?My Chemical Romance? and the 1st ?Negative? album!!! And my dad made my some ?Stammer Max?. Guess he feels guilty, because of yesterday?. Yesterday was a little unpleasant. Because I was so depressed (ITS fault) I wanted to watch ?10 thinks I hate about you? but I don?t own it so I asked my dad to go to the video-rental with me but he didn?t want to. My moms comment on this was ?why don?t you get your bicycle an go there by yourself?? HELLO MOM I?M NOT 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!... why don?t you think before you speak? then I said ?Na toll? and smashed my door. 5 minutes later my dad appeared and was like ?which movie you wanna watch?? .. and I said ?No I don?t wanna go now anymore.? Because he would be complaining all the way there and I really can?t stand that. And my dad can?t stand when I?m like insult so he started screaming.. (he always does that when he don?t know what to do) and then he started complaining about who should bring back the DVD tomorrow and I was like ?Dad I don?t want to go anyway?? but then I wanted to do him a favor, because he would feel guilty if I wouldn?t come (strange person ey?) but then my mom was yelling at my why I was pushing dad to go to the video-rental with me!!!! FUCK YOU MOM I WASN?T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WANTED TO GO!!!!! At the end we didn?t go and I was near tears? but then I phoned 1 and a half hours with Alini and it was fine again. Though I locked my room the whole night yesterday. But my mom apologized to me today(I was right *h?h?* *dance*)!!!! Nothing interesting to tell you? IT still doesn?t speak with me but hey? I?m really not worth it don?t you think *ironic*? wish you pleasant holidays!!! And keep on rockin?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7.7.05 20:40

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